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Our mission is to identify, develop, and advocate for equitable ways to improve population health with a focus on structurally and medically vulnerable populations. Although we have shifted some focus toward the COVID-19 pandemic, our broad areas of research are on the inequitable impact of substance use (especially opioids) and climate- and disaster-related health effects on health and mortality in the United States. Our work is applied and interdisciplinary, and we believe collaborating with other institutions, both academic and non-academic, is crucial for reducing health inequities. 

Mathew Kiang's Collaboration Network

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current members


Mathew Kiang is the principal investigator of the lab and an assistant professor of Epidemiology and Population Health. Outside of work, he enjoys exploring the Bay Area on his bikes and checking out local parks with his kid. To learn more, see this interview or his CV.  


Esther Velásquez is a research scientist in the lab and the Center for Population Health Sciences. Her training is in social epidemiology and public health social work. She appreciates a good cup of coffee and hiking in the Bay Area.


Josefina Flores Morales is a Propel Postdoctoral Scholar. Her research interests include immigrant health, race/ethnicity, and social demography. For fun, she enjoys playing soccer, dancing bachata as well as salsa, and running.


Julianna Hsing is a PhD student in the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health. Her research focuses on integrating smartphone and wearable data with epidemiological methods to investigate prevention strategies for chronic diseases. Outside of work, Julianna enjoys rock climbing, playing music with friends, and indulging in her creative side by crocheting plushies and designing unique merch for her Etsy shop.

previous members

  • Name // position in the lab // last known location (position)
  • Ben Huynh // postdoctoral fellow // Johns Hopkins University (faculty)
  • Becky Staiger // postdoctoral fellow // UC Berkeley (faculty)
  • Jordan Kaplan // coterm student // Johns Hopkins University (medical student)
  • Lanae Notah // undergraduate AHEaD scholar // El Paso County Department of Public Health
  • Joaquin Luqueno // undergraduate AHEaD scholar // UC Davis (student)